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Renaud Bouquet des Chaux

"In my opinion, Alphea's "extra soul" and executive expertise are expressed through an HR vision that is well thought out, shared and effective for the company and its management teams."

Renaud Bouquet Des Chaux

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In order to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world of work in terms of HRM, Alphéa Exécutive represents a network of experts in auditing and executive coaching, forged on experience, listening and commitment.

In September 2022, I joined this network with the desire to pass on the expertise I have acquired over the years to companies and their managers who no longer feel the need to go it alone.

Faced with an ever-increasing need to surround oneself with qualified, committed employees who are in phase with the company's objectives, I wanted to take on the responsibility of being at the side of the managers by providing "Step back", "Advice" and "Expertise" for a tailor-made recruitment, sometimes beyond the codes and prejudices.

Auditing your organisation often means anticipating the future and giving yourself the means to build an HR strategy in line with short, medium and long-term objectives.
The company is first and foremost made up of flesh and blood, of know-how and skills that must be sought out and convinced to join a new, even more rewarding adventure.

During my career as a company director, I have often been surrounded by exceptional employees in every respect who have helped me to evolve, but none of them was recruited at random, without a thorough process led by an Alphea expert.

Alphea's "extra soul" and executive expertise are expressed through a well thought-out and shared HR vision, which brings efficiency to the company and its management teams.

Do not hesitate to contact me by email: renaud@alphea-conseil.fr or by phone: (+33) 6 45 17 75 25.


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