Bandeau Senior executive direct sourcing

Senior executive direct sourcing

A dedicated team to support and recruit senior executives

SENIOR EXECUTIVE DIRECT SOURCINGOur Executive team responds to the issues you face in order to find the right candidate for your company's context, stakes and needs by headhunting profiles perfectly adapted to your expectations.

The candidates we present to you have been approved by us: behavioral analysis, professional skills and motivation to join your company or group, ability to adapt. Reference and consistency checks are carried out.

Once the candidates have been approved, recruited and are employed, they are offered a 6-month coaching period with the following goals:

  •     Confirm with them the right match between the company's requirements and their appointment,
  •     Successfully complete their integration period which is vital for validating their trial period,
  •     Verify and confirm the skills and operational situation,
  •     Forward any questions to the client company,
  •     Assist the recruited candidate in taking up their duties in order to ensure that the position matches the candidate's mobility, that of their spouse and the skills required for a position to evolve