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Bandeau Rudy Bellamy

Rudy Bellamy

"Going beyond the simple partnership, this is the objective of Alphéa Executive, to be next to you to focus our visions and strengths, and exceed the objective! "

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Alphea Executive is the pooling of the expertise of our team of leaders, it is a way for you to benefit from a complete and objective vision.

More and more companies are focusing on the attitude, mindset and behaviors of their executives, recognizing that past successes are not always an indicator of their future potential.

It is because we have the ambition to accompany you in writing the future of your companies and your management teams, that we take into account the whole spectrum of our candidates.  The experience of all our managers allows a precise and clear understanding of our clients' strategies, and enables us to offer you profiles adapted to the different development phases of your company.

Specialized in executive search, we accompany companies in increasingly competitive environments and in contexts as diverse as they are varied.

Our added value: We base our relationships with you on transparency, trust and managerial courage. For us, it is our responsibility to tell you what we know, not what you want to hear.

Flexible and involved by nature, we have a qualitative and tailor-made approach.

So whether it is for your executive recruitment, director, a diagnosis, a reorganization, a strategic accompaniment, or simply an advice, let us build together the future of your company.

Let's talk now at (+33) 6 15 43 70 40 or by email rudy@alphea-conseil.fr I will answer you with pleasure !


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