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We have seen an increase in scam attempts recently, mainly through fraudulent calls, emails and WhatsApp or Skype messages from fictitious advisers. Remember: Alphea Conseil will never solicit payment from candidates for its services. If you receive a suspicious communication claiming to be from Alphea Conseil, please check the email address. Alphea Conseil only communicates with the following domain name: @alphea-conseil.fr or @alphea-conseil.com. If you have any doubts about the origin of an e-mail, text message or telephone call, please contact us directly at communication@alphea-conseil.fr.

Bandeau Hugues Fromont

Hugues Fromont

"Personalized and responsible support"

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First and foremost, Alphéa Executive provides personalized and responsible support. 

We work to ensure that the businesses we advise will entrust their strengths, people, reputation, customers and history with us!

The personalized executive support that we set up in partnership with our clients works because we embody the business's values within the coaching program.  We aim to be true ambassadors of the business’s core values and vision. We do what it takes to achieve the results our client companies are looking for, thereby increasing their key strengths. 

We deliver our executive services following two core principles:

  • Personalized support on the operational and strategic organization of businesses through the use of assessments, audits, individual and group interviews, coaching, seminars and training for managers, management committees and operational teams.
  • An innovative and caring approach in the search for talent - tailored and personalized for each company.

Contact me by email at hugues@alphea-conseil.fr or (+33) 06 66 85 41 90.



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