WARNING: Be alert to scam and phishing attempts
We have seen an increase in scam attempts recently, mainly through fraudulent calls, emails and WhatsApp or Skype messages from fictitious advisers. Remember: Alphea Conseil will never solicit payment from candidates for its services. If you receive a suspicious communication claiming to be from Alphea Conseil, please check the email address. Alphea Conseil only communicates with the following domain name: @alphea-conseil.fr or @alphea-conseil.com. If you have any doubts about the origin of an e-mail, text message or telephone call, please contact us directly at communication@alphea-conseil.fr.

Bandeau HR strategic and operational support

HR strategic and operational support

We support you in the implementation of policy and HR projects

Our executive experts support management in their HR strategic and operational issues.HR STRATEGIC AND OPERATIONAL SUPPORT

They prepare, recommend and assist decision-makers in the implementation of HR projects and policies.

Our consultants' expertise (former Executives, HR Directors, Operational Management) enables us to support company executives and management committees in consulting and recruitment-related issues, our core business:

  •  HR consulting and strategy day,
  • Human resources consulting,
  • Position definitions and job descriptions,
  • Study of collective labor agreements in the context of restructuring, purchasing, mergers,
  • Organization of management committees and definition of target structures,
  • Recruitment strategies and employer branding,
  • Leveraging and improving HR indicators,
  • Support for new employees when they take up their duties,
  • Detection and identification of potential for mobility or internal promotion, 

We offer a 24-page in-house guide of tools that will help structure and ensure the reliability of your recruitment through proper integration into the company.