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Laurent Escarieux

" The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary! "

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This wink from Vince Lombardi reminds us of this obvious fact: the success of an individual or collective project requires meticulous preparation, a permanent questioning of methods, organizations, tools and sometimes the company's strategy itself.

Two main difficulties await the company director :

- To remain sufficiently attentive to his environment to anticipate and define the necessary adaptations;
- To involve his employees so that they are actors of these changes and not in resistance to change, an often natural reflex.
Alphea Executive's consulting service intervenes at each of these stages, offering a customized approach to your company.

My professional career has allowed me to understand the functioning of international groups as well as small businesses. The means and stakes are different but the key to success remains universal: customer satisfaction.

My last mission within a multi-channel brand allowed me to understand operational customer marketing and more particularly the "dynamic treatment" of complaints: how to exploit the listening of its customers to feed a continuous improvement process.

If you wish to put this expertise at the service of your company, contact me at 06 80 71 54 65 or by email laurent@alphea-conseil.fr

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